Olive Green and Brown Refined Scrapbook

Dear reader,

I am a Filipina writer from the peninsula of Bataan, Philippines. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature from De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines in 2018. I recently received my Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing (Fiction) from Saint Mary's College of California. While in graduate school, I was a Kearny Street Workshop Fellow.

As a child, I loved writing stories on pieces of paper and stapling them. Later I would hand them out to my friends in the school van. Growing up, I usually stayed inside my room and read multiple books (I was obsessed with the "39 clues" series).

I am now writing a novel about two Filipina sisters. One with the goal to explore the world outside of the island, and the other to overthrow the abusive government.

If you want to read a work of mine, check out the "Projects" page. I hope you enjoy reading and thank you for visiting my website!


Lia :-)